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Solar Thermal Division

  • National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has undertaken interactive research with a number of national/International research institutions/Organizations& Industries. Institute has setup state-of-the-art Solar Thermal Technologies for different end use applications such as power generation, air-conditioning, cold storage, process heat, desalination, cooking, space heating, hot water etc.

1MW Solar Thermal Power Plant

  • A grid-interactive solar thermal power plant, with a capacity of 1 MWe at Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) radiation of 600 W/m2, has been designed developed and commissioned at National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), in collaboration with IIT, Bombay and other consortium partner as a part of the project entitled “Development of a Megawatt-scale Solar Thermal Power Testing, Simulation and Research Facility”. The unique feature of the plant is the integration of two different solar fields (parabolic trough collectors and linear Fresnel reflectors) without a fossil fuel backup. The plant intends to combine the advantages of synthetic oil based Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) field for high efficiency and direct steam generation (DSG) of linear Fresnel reflector (LFR) field to lower down cost of generation.
  • Modular Central Receiver Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Decentralized Power Generation
  • A project is under implementation for design, development fabrication and testing of heliostat, central cavity receiver and thermal storage systemin collaboration with to M/s Sun Borne Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and other consortium partners for solar tower technology. The main objectives of this project are
    Development of optimized design of the heliostat field, volumetric air receiver and thermal storage, the three major components of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Central Receiver plant and development of local sources for all the key components of the plant with a focus on lowering costs, which will make the technology competitive with other forms of energy.

Solar Cooling

  • Design, Development and Demonstration of solar cooling systems in different configurations using Solar Thermal Energy have been taken up in collaboration with Thermax Ltd. Pune.
  • Design Development and fabrication of Solar-biomass hybrid cold storage for Remote Village Application
  • A project on a solar-biomass hybrid system for remote village application in electrification and providing cold storage facility was undertaken by NISE in collaboration with TERI, Thermax Ltd. and CSIRO. Under the project, a 50 kW biomass gasifier system provides electricity and the waste heat of the engine (exhaust) is used as the main source of energy for the cold storage.

Solar Stirling Engine

  • 3x3kWe Stirling engines have been installed in NISE in collaboration with ONGC Research Centre for performance evaluation and assess the suitability in Indian Condition. System consists of Parabolic Dish concentrator, piston free Stirling engine cum reciprocating generator mounted on moving receiver. Helium is used as working fluid. GPS based 2 axis tracking mechanism has been used for tracking of parabolic dish. As a result, system is facing ‘zero cosine losses’. Thus, it is the system having maximum efficiency nearly 86% (from sun to heat)
  • Solar Water Distillation
  • A solar desalination system has been installed in NISE in collaboration with an Australian company FCUBED Pvt. Ltd to evaluate performance  in different  Indian conditions.  The system consists of   10 panels of special design solar collector (3m2 each) with total are of 30 m2. A provision of SPV panel and DC pump has also been given for lifting of water from storage tank to solar collector.

Solar Thermal R&D Laboratory:

A number of lab scale design, development and fabrication have been initiated in the area solar thermal

  • Multieffect humidification and dehumidification desalination system
  • solar thermal air conditioning
  • Solar cooling and desalination in cogeneration
  • Resources acessment of biomass for hybrid solar thermal in India
  • Design of 5 MW hybrid solar-biomass power plant
  • Phase Change Material for solar thermal storage system
Solar Thermal R&D Laboratory:
  • National Institute of Solar Energy, (NISE) has setup state-of-art of test facility for CSTs under UNDP-GEF CSH project on “Market Development and Promotion of solar Concentrated based process Heat Application in India” to developperformance measuring standards, test procedures & test protocols.
FPC and ETC Test facility at NISE:
    Recent Activity in Solar Thermal Testing Facility as per BIS & MNRE Standards
    1. Flat Plate Collector System
    2. Evacuated Tube Collector System
    3. Solar Cooker (i.e. Boxed Type & Paraboloid Cooker)

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