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Solar Resource Assesment
  Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA)at National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE)
  • Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA), a Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) flagship program launched in the year 2010, setting up the world’s largest network of ground measurement solar radiation resource assessment stations all over the country. The project aims to overcome the deficiencies in the availability of investor grade ground measured solar radiation data crucial for planning and implementation of solar power projects. The project is implemented by National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE), Chennai in two phases, in the first phase, 51 SRRA stations were set up by October, 2011, in 11 States 1 Union Territory and in the second phase, 60 SRRA stations (in 28 states and 3 UTs) and 4 Advanced Measurement Stations (AMS) by June,2014. Four SRRA stations in Maharashtra for Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Government of Maharashtra under consultancy mode has also been established. The SRRS project is a joint project of MNRE, NIWE and NISE. All these stations automatically measures the data and send it to the central receiving station located at NIWE, Chennai. SRRA project in its wider scope envisages assessment and quantification of solar radiation, data processing, quality of data, modeling and making of solar atlas of the country, besides the collection and analysis of solar and meteorological data. Also in order to ensure high quality of Solar resource data to be continuously available from these stations, it is utmost required that the instruments along with their proper maintenance, to be recalibrated at the regular interval as per World Meteorological Organization (WMO) guidelines. To cater this need, two Calibration lab facilities in line with WMO standards, to calibrate all the instruments of wider SRRA network has been established at NIWE, Chennai and NISE, Gurgaon. National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) being primer institute in the field of solar energy research is playing major role in this SRRA program with its Calibration facility for calibrating the SRRA field radiation sensors as per international standards and well equipped Advanced Solar radiation resource measurement facility.
  • Indian Solar Radiation Atlas
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